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Happy Anniversary Chloe Angus

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Chloe Angus is one of Western Canada’s hottest designers and she lives right here in Dunbar.

On July 15, 2010, Chloe had the Grand Opening of her concept store and fashion design studio located at 4273 Dunbar Street.   The store features her eco-chic ready-to-wear collection as well as some of her more intricate custom designs.

Chloe’s designs exemplify the balance between work and play, style and comfort, luxury and simple lines. Chloe emulates the spirit of empowered, feminine and sophisticated women from across Canada and around the world.  She believes in clothes that are not only opulent like the Silk Dupioni and soft Jersey Lyocell, but tailored and structured as demonstrated in her use of linen suiting and crisp cotton shirtings.  Like the women who wear them, Chloe’s collections inspire confidence, elegance and ease.  With designs that are as innovative as they are classic, Chloe believes first and foremost in beautiful silhouettes that accentuate all body shapes and sizes without compromising her inherent eye for style.  Not only do they use natural and sustainable fabrics, they run the company as a sustainable green company by producing all the garments in Vancouver at a locally owned, sweatshop-free environment.  In everything from labels to buttons, a conscious decision is made when creating the product.

I asked Chloe these questions as part of my interview:

  • What is your connection to Dunbar?  My grandparents bought their house at 42nd and Blenheim in 1955, my parents bought their first house at 50th and Dunbar in 1975; and my husband, Gabe, and I bought our house just off of Dunbar in 1999, so my roots have always been here. When I was little my Granny used to take me to Tinkers Hatch Bakery at 33rd Ave. and Mackenzie St. for a cookie and when I turned twelve my mom took me to Olinda’s  on Dunbar and Olinda made what I considered my first real dress.  So there are quite a few Angus’s between Dunbar and Angus Drive.
  • Why open your store on Dunbar Street?  I have a history in the Dunbar area and I have seen it take on new life in the past 10 years. Old Vancouver mixed with new, young families mixed with long-time residents makes Dunbar a unique place and because my style can flatter all ages I feel I have something to offer to everyone plus I have had a book by appointment studio in the area for the past three years and have built a client base here; and did I mention that the parking is still free (a real plus for shoppers).
  • What is your favourite thing about Dunbar?  The feeling of old school Vancouver.  Many people have lived in the Dunbar area for a long time, and it even has some of the history of the Musqueam Indian Band on the lamp posts going down Dunbar. It is still a place where you walk down the street and go to the baker, the grocer, the pharmacist, and the florist while waving at your neighbour.
  • Do you have kids?  No, but I have eleven nieces and nephews who all like to come and help out in the new studio.
    What is the story about your little white pony?  Pony? What pony? Sonny is Dunbar’s little secret.
  • What is your favourite part of each day?  Making an outfit for a lady that makes her feel great.
  • What is a great day?  When that lady comes back and tells me that her husband loved it too!
  • Who is Sarah MacLachlan and how did you meet?  Sarah is the Director of Operations and Assistant Designer.  We met through a business contact.  Sarah had worked for mega Canadian fashion company, Peter Nygard, in Winnipeg and had just moved to Vancouver; at that time I was just about to launch my first collection to The Hudson Bay’s Canadian by Design Department.  Sarah knew what I didn’t about garment production, she came on board to work with me that first season and we have been working together even since.  We are both workaholics who have an addiction to fashion.
  • How did you get into this business?  Besides being born to do this, I went to fashion design school and I went after every opportunity I could to get into the industry.
  • What is your background, interests, passion?  My parents moved to a very remote area of the Sunshine Coast when I was little where they raised my three brothers, my sister, and me. We grew up on an Organic Sea Food Farm ( and were home schooled.  I have always been a creative person with a passion for experiencing life; when I travel I love to find different fabrics and bring them home to make beautiful things that have been inspired by what I saw, or by someone I met.
  • Who is your inspiration? Every lady who walks through my doors inspires me.
  • Do you ever feel scared of the future and where this could take you? Of course, but that’s what keeps me creative and motivated.

When Chloe first called me to inquire about an ad in the magazine, she sounded like a sweet young girl.  It wasn’t until I went to her website and met her at the store that she blew me away.  So confident, fun, mature and inspiring.  You can’t help but feel her success as her energy and love of design beam from her. Her attention to detail and presentation as seen in her store and on her website are impressive. It is exciting to hear the customers shopping in the store with such enthusiasm.

I was so impressed with Chloe’s Button Wrap that I went for a fitting with Sarah and bought one in Bark colour.  I have worn it so much that I want it in every colour now!

Congratulations Chloe on your one year anniversary of the Dunbar store!

This article was originally posted in Dunbar Life Magazine in September 2010.

4273 Dunbar Street, Vancouver BC.  Telephone 604-224-2456

photos by Sandra Steier