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Summer Time

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

The pace of life slows in summer.  Light, bright mornings, sunny evenings stretching out, some time off work, fewer commitments and a long weekend or two all lend themselves to providing the sweet joy of having more time on our hands.  These slower summer months are the perfect opportunity to share some of that time with people we have been meaning to get together with all rainy winter.  For those of us lucky enough to live in Dunbar, any number of lovely outings await just out the door and around the corner.

Call up that fabulous senior citizen friend you have not seen in much too long and invite him or her to an internet cafe session.  For those older seniors not yet familiar with the internet, afternoon tea with a tour of the world wide web would make for a fun afternoon.  Most of our local Dunbar coffee shops have wireless service:  let them provide the tea and scones and you provide the computer and a tour of a famous garden or museum, a review of a great new historical novel or visits to popular cruise destinations.  Walk over to the library afterwards and show your friend how to access the internet there using a library card.  Before you know if, you may be driving your octogenarian friend to the Apple store.

Do you know a young person who was a kindergartener some time last week but is now inexplicably a 16 year old with an “L” learner driving license?  Offer to pick him up one evening and have him drive out Marine Drive and through the quiet neighbourhoods around and behind UBC.  Plop  down a lawn chair on an empty street and let him practice parallel parking behind it.  Stop to get a cold drink and, if he’s ready, let him drive home.  You will have a friend for life.

Walk to meet friends for an adult dinner out at one of the restaurants on Dunbar St.  That way you can enjoy a few glasses of wine without concern, returning home afterwards “by leg” as they say in Ethiopia.

Corral another family with little kids one evening on the big open field in the middle of Balaclava Park running oval.  Spread out blankets, set out a meal of sorts, home-made or otherwise, toss out a ball or some ride-on toys and let the kids run wild all over the field, with the area outside the running track considered ‘out of bounds’. See how long the parents can stay put and visit without having to get up.

Invite your cousin or old room-mate living in Yaletown over for lunch then go for a walk around the very zen Camosun Bog boardwalk or the farmish setting of Southlands.  Send her home with a new fern or flowering plant for her balcony.

Look for a good matinee showing for older kids at the Dunbar Theatre.  Set out together on bikes, allowing enough time to pedal a number of trails through Pacific Spirit Park and on up to Dunbar.  Lock up the bikes, enjoy the movie complete with popcorn and candy then take an inefficient cycling route back home through the forest trails.  This outing combines the loves of many a child:  a good movie, bike riding and some junk food.

Whatever the outing, even if only sitting in the backyard a while with a friend, savour the person, the time and the pace this summer.

McDermott’s Body Shop

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Oh, the tales the walls could tell, if McDermott’s Body Shop could talk. Over the last 62 years Vancouver has grown from a small city to a player on the world stage, and while many businesses have come and gone, McDermott’s has stood the test of time.

Noel “Mac” McDermott opened the business in 1950. His first employee was Harry Ciccozzi.  McDermott oversaw the company, and Ciccozzi did everything from managing to repairing vehicles and even gardening.  In 1973 McDermott retired and Ciccozzi took over the business.  In total, Harry Ciccozzi worked at McDermott’s for 52 years, and to this day some customers still come in looking for him.

His son, Tony Ciccozzi, joined the business in 1974.  After a number of years he left to work at ICBC; however he returned after his father passed away in 2002.

Harry Ciccozzi’s presence is strongly felt in this family owned business. A lovely photograph overlooks the office area and his legacy lives on inside the collision repair shop as well as outside, where his garden continues to flourish.  Tony Ciccozzi fulfilled his father’s dream; in 2005 the Ciccozzi family purchased the building which they had previously leased.  He says his father would have been extremely proud to see that day arrive.

Terry Hartree, who is Tony Ciccozzi’s brother-in-law, began work as an auto body technician and painter in 1980.  He worked in the trade for ten years and like Ciccozzi, made a career ‘detour’ and worked as an ICBC estimator for another ten years.  He joined the McDermott’s team in 2002.

The two brother-in-laws manage McDermott’s. They work in the office where they handle the administrative side of the company, alongside their new “assistant”, Cocoa, who is a gentle and welcoming chocolate Labrador. The body shop staff includes two technicians, two painters and a vehicle detailer.

McDermott’s clients come from far and wide, especially as there are only a limited number of collision repair shops on the west side of Vancouver.  They have had as many as three generations bring their cars in for body repairs.

McDermott’s “treats each vehicle as if it were their own” which is extremely reassuring.  An accident is a very upsetting experience, and knowing that your vehicle is in good hands takes some weight off your shoulders.

McDermott’s is an accredited ICBC c.a.r. shop VALET facility. What exactly does this mean? Their repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.  They meet ICBC’s high standards for workmanship, customer service, professionalism and facilities. In addition, they can provide you with a courtesy car while your car is being repaired.  If your claim qualifies, you can go directly to McDermott’s for a vehicle damage estimate, and get the repairs done; you do not need to have your car estimated at an ICBC claim centre first.  When reporting your claim, ICBC will let you know if you qualify for this service.

The small body shop can accommodate four vehicles for repairs with an additional space in the paint booth.  McDermott’s was one of the first body shops to use environmentally friendly waterborne paint.

Ciccozzi and Hartree are proud to report that for the past seven years McDermott’s has received the AutocheX Premier Achiever Award. This award celebrates top performing auto body repair shops from across North America for their exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Both Ciccozzi and Hartree are dedicated family men and believe that family comes first.  Amongst other things, they ensure that they commit time to their children’s sports.  McDermott’s Body Shop is a proud long term sponsor of Dunbar Little League.  They both enjoy the close knit community.  Ciccozzi is on the board of the Dunbar Village Business Association and enjoys attending all of the special events that the DVBA hosts.

While this is a Dunbar business that one hopes not to visit, accidents can happen, and when they do, the community is very fortunate to have body shop experts ready to assist.  Harry Ciccozzi certainly would be proud to know his legacy is in good hands.

McDermott’s Body Shop
4508 Dunbar Street


Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Anti-aging is the buzz word of the day. Magazines promise the “best anti-aging beauty tips.”  Doctors’ offices display posters offering treatments to restore a youthful appearance. Slowing down the aging clock is no longer just for celebrities, nor is it only for women as more men are joining the queue.  It is a personal choice; some take Jamie Lee Curtis’s natural approach to aging, while others opt for medical assistance.

When you reach your 30s often the first signs of sun damage, skin deflation and wrinkles start to surface.  If you opt for cosmetic dermatology or plastic surgery you need to find a physician who you can trust to best meet your needs.  Skinworks offers the safest, most current and suitable treatments available in a supportive and professional environment. Their clients give them a huge vote of confidence; Skinworks has been voted Georgia Straight’s “Best Place for Cosmetic Surgery” for three consecutive years.

Skinworks was founded by Dr. Frances Jang and her husband Dr. Nicholas Carr, two highly respected experts in their fields who have over forty years of combined experience in their specialities.  Both doctors pride themselves on maintaining their education and skills at the highest standard.

The beautiful spa-like clinic is relaxing with soothing colours and woodwork and is set up to accommodate both doctors with a number of treatment rooms. The private operating room is accredited by The College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. and is staffed by a fully trained, highly skilled and dedicated team of operating room professionals.

In addition to Dr. Jang and Dr. Carr, Skinworks has a team of approximately 30 staff including Dr. Dick Lee (Anesthesiologist), registered nurses, laser clinicians, patient coordinator, operations manager, marketing coordinator, and customer service assistants.  The Skinworks team is very loyal; many of them have been working at the clinic for a number of years.

Dr. Jang specializes in cosmetic dermatology. A respected educator and spokesperson, she is committed to teaching medical students at UBC as well as other doctors in the community.  Dr. Jang makes regular appearances on local television programs, radio shows and has been interviewed by many Canadian health and fashion magazines.  She focuses on anti-aging procedures, wrinkle reduction, sun damage, rosacea treatment and scar correction.  Her top treatments are Botox, dermal fillers and she is renowned for her artful techniques in facial sculpting.

Dr. Jang is committed to offering her patients the very best in skin care and invests in continuous training and equipment to provide these services. This includes being at the forefront of advanced laser technologies, as well as treatments and skincare products designed to reverse the effects of aging and sun damage. She attends important international medical conferences in order to stay abreast of the newest treatments and technology.

Dr. Carr is a leading specialist in cosmetic plastic surgery. He is a Clinical Associate Professor and the Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at UBC, and works several days a week out of Vancouver General Hospital.  At Skinworks he offers plastic surgery consultations in many areas including, but not limited to, breast enhancement and reduction, eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, nasal surgery, and liposuction.

His approach is to treat each patient like a member of his own family. Dr. Carr offers the best of plastic surgery technology combined with his own experience as to what really works and what is most appropriate for the patient.  He takes the time to ensure his patients understand all surgical options, what to expect and how much “down time” they will have.
Visit the Skinworks website to view a variety of before and after photos to see the physical results.   Based on your wish list, and through a private consultation, Dr. Jang or Dr. Carr will prescribe a customized treatment program to match your expectations, lifestyle and budget to attain the results that you are seeking.

Dr. Jang (Dermatology)
3568 W. 41st Avenue
Dr. Carr (Plastic Surgery)
3578 W. 41st Avenue