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The Dailey Method Vancouver

Monday, February 25th, 2013

If you are looking for an exercise program that delivers quick results then The Dailey Method may be the best thing that ever happened to you. What is The Dailey Method you may ask? This full body one hour workout combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching and orthopedic exercises to strengthen, tone, and lengthen the entire body. It can produce results in as little as six weeks if you attend three times per week. Even greater results will be achieved if you attend more classes per week over time.

This exercise program was founded in 2000 by San Francisco resident Jill Dailey McIntosh.  Today, with more than 40 studios worldwide, The Dailey Method is distinguished by its holistic and hands on approach to ensure clients move properly to transform their minds and bodies from the inside out. Light weights are utilized to define the upper body while mat and barre work target the lower body. After each muscle group is worked, through high repetition using a small range of motion, it is alternately stretched to lengthen the muscles.

Sisters and business partners, Jey and Karen Wyder, own Dunbar’s The Dailey Method which they opened in 2010. These dynamic siblings are very close, and it is apparent that they thoroughly enjoy working together. Jey Wyder adored ‘mothering’ her younger sister when they were growing up in their large family of seven siblings. They proudly report that their sister Kathy Wyder and sister-in-law Erin Wyder own The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale.

Karen Wyder formerly worked as a senior manager with Lululemon and was one of the company’s original employees. One of her jobs was to open up stores across North America; hence she travelled to many cities, including San Francisco. It was there that she attended a class at the original The Dailey Method studio and became an instant convert. “I loved how it made me feel and how healthy and fit the participants of all ages looked,” said Wyder.  Karen Wyder urged her sister to attend a class in San Francisco and she too became hooked. They wanted their hometown of Vancouver to experience the workout and decided to bring the first The Dailey Method to Canada.

Jey Wyder is Canada’s certified Master Instructor of The Dailey Method. She finds that her previous career as a life coach complements her role in the business where she trains the instructors and teaches numerous classes at the Dunbar studio. Karen Wyder heads the strategic and visionary side of the company. For their own fitness regime they attend between three to five classes per week. The Wyders have been interested in fitness for as long as they can remember, and have stayed in shape through kick boxing, long distance running, marathons, pilates and yoga. Jey Wyder describes herself as being first and foremost a mother to her three teenage children.

Hold your horses if you are racing out the door to sign up. Classes are small, with a maximum capacity of 20 participants, and with the option to either reserve online or by phone you can conveniently save a spot.  Introductory new client specials are available to get a feel for the class at a discounted rate. Most people find the unlimited special is the best way to learn the class and witness the amazing results it can provide. If you need any extra convincing, read the glowing testimonials on The Dailey Method’s website.

Child-minding is available for a small fee Monday through Friday for the 9:40 and 11:00 a.m. classes. You can confidently leave your child (newborn up to age 10) in the specially designated childcare room while you restore your body to its pre-childbirth days (this regime helps to restore pelvic floor muscles).  The Dailey Method is a safe workout during pregnancy and after having given birth. New mothers are offered a three month unlimited special.

Combinations of friends, mothers and daughters (including their own mother) attend classes together, as well as individual male and female clients ranging from teens through to people in their 70s.

The Wyders eagerly anticipate the introduction of a newly developed program for 2013 called Dailey Interval. This 45 minute alignment and foundation focused interval class will increase the heart rate and burn more calories.

What do the sisters enjoy most about the Dunbar area? They are grateful for the people that they have met through their exercise studio, and feel fortunate to be able to offer a service which benefits people’s health and well-being. They value their relationships with the local merchants and physiotherapists.  Karen Wyder is a board member of the Dunbar Village Business Association and enjoys the variety of annual events which draw the community together.

Now that the pressure of New Year’s resolution has been left behind, February seems like a perfect time to start a new exercise program. It may just be the start of something beautiful.
3584 West 41st Avenue

Shoppers Drug Mart

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Rob Ho is the new Associate-Owner of Dunbar’s Shoppers Drug Mart.  While he has called the Dunbar neighbourhood home for the past 25 years, this is the first time that he has been able to enjoy the option of walking to work. Ho graduated from UBC’s Pharmaceutical Sciences program in 1986, and has worked his entire career at assorted Shoppers Drug Mart locations in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island. After 17 years at the Broadway and Bayswater location, he made the move last July to the Dunbar drugstore.

Shoppers Drug Mart has over 1,200 franchises across Canada. The pharmacy is the heart of every Shoppers Drug Mart store ,which is owned and operated by a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacists are university-educated front line health care providers who are an integral part of the community health care team. In addition to their professional talents, they also possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and are responsible for offering the best in health care advice, customer service and delivering an exceptional in-store experience. Pharmacists undertake a management program to learn how to run the business, and once the course work is complete they can apply for franchise postings.

Ho continues to work in the pharmacy and is also out on the floor meeting customers while working with the store’s full-time managers who are responsible for overseeing the pharmacy, front shop (everything that is non-pharmacy), post office, cosmetics and cashiers. The highly competent managers order for their own departments, because, as Ho says, they are the experts and know the products. When you visit a Shoppers Drug Mart you are instantly familiar with the corporate image and brand awareness which is consistent across Canada; however, there is some leeway to order local items specific to the community’s needs.

What makes Dunbar’s Shoppers Drug Mart unique? To begin, it offers extended hours of operation (8 a.m. to midnight daily), including holidays. There is also a post office, which is certainly a great convenience alongside a large food section. The Beauty Boutique is stocked with high end cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and soothing spa products, creating a luxurious department store feel. The pharmacy offers annual flu vaccinations. They will also deliver prescriptions to your home if you are unable to pick up your medication.

Through corporate philanthropy and com-munity investment programs Shoppers Drug Mart provides funding for national and community based health-related organizations which focus on improving the lives of all Canadians. For this year’s Tree of Life fundraising campaign, many Vancouver Shoppers Drug Mart locations elected to support B.C. Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation. Ho and other Associate-Owners recently had the opportunity to visit the hospital and see firsthand how donations through the Tree of Life campaign are benefiting the neo-natal unit. He said it was incredibly moving to witness the support the at-risk newborns receive at this facility.

Ho is devoted to his work and confesses to working long hours. He has two sons in university and one in secondary school.  He and his wife Sandy enjoy spending their free time together walking with Basil, their chocolate Labrador, through the University Endowment Lands. It was his wife who convinced him to leave East Vancouver 25 years ago as she was attracted to Dunbar and loved the older houses. They enjoy the community’s coffee shops and restaurants. As a new business owner Ho has been impressed by the great turn out for Dunbar Village Business Association events including trick or treating at Halloween and the Dunbar Harvest Festival.

Ho praises his excellent staff; many of them have worked at this store for a number of years and are very familiar with the com-munity. As a customer I was impressed by the exceptional service I received from a friendly and helpful cashier, as it left me feeling that they care about their clients. Ho says he was initially a bit nervous being new to this location, however the residents and customers have been extremely kind and have introduced themselves and have welcomed him, with Dunbar spirit and warmth, to this wonderful neighbourhood.
4326 Dunbar Street

I Dig Dunbar

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Help Create Beautiful Gardens throughout Dunbar Village.

Spring is here!  Dunbar Village is restarting its “I Dig Dunbar” project.  They would like to see Dunbar Village bloom with gardens of herbs, perennials, and perhaps some annuals, but they need your help to design these gardens.

Here’s What to Expect:

1. Let Dunbar Village Business Association know if you would like to design a garden by emailing or by leaving a voicemail at 604-635-1836  They will assign plots on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2. Using their list of suitable plants, start sketching out your garden design. Submit your design by email, fax or mail.

3. Once the Dig Dunbar Project Coordinator has had a chance to review your design, they will make arrangements using volunteers from the community to do the planting.

4. The Dunbar Village Business Association will purchase the plants (through the generosity of KJM Country Gardens) and will also provide watering throughout the summer.

5. Volunteer garden designers and planters will be acknowledged for their contribution to the Dunbar Village streetscape with signage at the plots.

More details:

Planting days will be scheduled in sections throughout the coming months and will continue through the years as they make more planting areas available.

Twice a year the planting areas will be cleaned up or have plants added.

Once a garden plot has been assigned, designers have 7 days to submit their plan.  If no plans are received within that time, then the plots will be assigned to another designer.

If you would like to be part of the volunteer planting team, contact or leave a message at 604-635-1836


Stong’s Theatre of Life

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

We all know Stong’s is a great grocery store.  Oh sure it can be crowded, and they don’t carry huge packaging and you will be sure to run into someone you know on the worst of Bad Hair Days but still, where else will you be asked if you are finding everything you are looking for? The first time I was asked that question I almost needed to look for a defibrillator.

We all know where to find our specialty items, where to look in the deli for “something good” and where to get masking tape and a decent greeting card in a pinch. But are we all aware of the fact there is also great theatre to be had at our local Stong’s?  The theatre of life plays itself out daily for our observance if we only look closely enough. Tragedy, comedy and even love are on stage from 7 a.m. to midnight seven days a week and you don’t need tickets.

Anyone who doubts that there’s theatre at Stong’s obviously has never been to the store in the two days prior to Christmas. In less time than it will take to find a turkey, you will witness betrayal in the parking lot, chariot sparring in the produce aisle and drama in the checkout queues. It would be a great place to go if one didn’t actually need to get groceries. But even outside the holiday seasons there are various forms of theatre readily available.

The basic Mystery that regularly plays at Stong’s is one in which you are greeted warmly and personally by someone you absolutely do not recognize. During the shaking of hands and exchange of niceties you scan the foggy recesses of all memory, wondering if perhaps you used to date this person, or whether he is a parent at your kid’s preschool, or maybe he was your brother’s roommate or is possibly your bank manager. Usually one plays a part in these mysteries relatively unscathed.

Occasionally though, this basic mystery can intensify to deceit and intrigue of Shakespearean proportions. A friend of mine, caught off guard by a glowing and assertive greeting she received at Stong’s, made the scene-stealing horrible mistake of inadvertedly agreeing to be someone she is not. The plot thickened rapidly into a tangled web of lies as, while moving through the checkout line-up, she helplessly provided commentary on a job she’s never had, properties she’s never possessed, children not her own and even awards she’s never received. Fearing a climactic revelation of her charade if someone else were to come along and greet her loudly by name, specifically not the name of the person she was playing the part of, my friend was completely panicked by the time she paid for her purchases. She fled the stage, a tragic figure, as quickly as one can with $300 worth of groceries in tow, and indeed may never return to Stong’s again, for fear of having to carry out Act II of this play should this same stranger appear.

The Comedies that take place at Stong’s fall more in the realm of slapstick, often centering around the unnoticed trading of grocery carts, or elderly folks arguing about onions, or toddlers taking hold of the wrong pant legs, or the animated cell phone talker without a visible microphone who appears to be delivering a passionate soliloquy in the cereal aisle. Comedy is not the highest art form at a grocery store, although perhaps the employees have a different view of this, calling to mind such times as 5:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving day when an enthusiastic young cook runs out of the store clutching a frozen solid 25 pound turkey which he plans to serve for dinner that evening with his friends.

If you are lucky, you might even catch the theatre of Love, generous and kind, and Loss, aching and sad, on stage at Stong’s. One of the most touching scenes I ever witnessed took place in the bean section where two women stood talking. While selecting my chili supplies I overheard one woman say the words “mother”, “palliative” and “comfortable” while the other stood listening intently. Partway down the aisle I realized I’d forgotten something and turned back just as the woman talking began sobbing as though her heart would break. Her friend moved their carts aside, pulled the woman into her arms and held her tight as she cried. They remained standing there a long time like that, two characters, one sobbing and one hugging, while the freezer man with the big gloves stocked ice-cream beside them and parents with young children wandered by. Rarely does a stage play have a scene as honest and moving as that one.

This parade of people going about their daily existence, this microcosm of our daily life, is the real deal to be had at Stong’s. Stop by for a carton of milk and some drama.

Discover the Rewards of Spring Gardening

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Early spring gardening saves you time in the summer and keeps plants and lawns healthy, growing and gorgeous.

Mulching magic
Applying a layer of mulch to garden beds in early spring is gardening efficiency at its best. Not only does mulch help conserve moisture during the drought months in summer, it breaks down gradually and adds nutrients to the soil and suppresses weed growth. It’s a true triple threat in the garden. Start by picking out all the weeds in the garden beds then layer the gardens with a three to four inch deep layer of decomposed bark mulch.

Lawn Care Tricks
There are two main tasks that will ensure a healthy lawn come mid-spring: removing the thatch layer of dead grass blades from the lawn and letting air get to the roots of your turf by removing plugs of soil using an aeration tool. Once the rain subsides somewhat in mid-spring you can then add lime – to reduce the acidity of the soil caused by heavy rainfall – and a spring fertilizer.

Dig and Divide
Love that solitary hosta you have growing in a corner? Spring is the perfect time to dig it out, cut the root mass into two or three segments, and plant them back exactly where you want them. Many perennials benefit from being divided every 3 years, or when they look like they’ve outgrown the space they’re in. Dividing and moving plants during their dormancy – through winter until new growth appears – will give you the best results.

by Jessica Salvador
Jessica has spent over ten years in the landscaping industry. She graduated from the horticulture program at Capilano University as a Certified Landscape Horticulturist. Higher Ground Gardens, a family-run residential gardening business for homeowners on Vancouver’s West Side, was founded in 2008 with her husband, a certified landscape technician.

Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Located in the heart of Dunbar is the Lawn Bowling Club. The clubhouse was established in 1926 and serves as the community’s epicentre for summer lawn bowling and croquet. It is also a social hub for bridge and indoor croquet in the winter months, in addition to various parties and gatherings, which are hosted by the club throughout the year.

While the membership is diverse, all bowlers share a common love of the outdoors as well as an enjoyment of mildly active sports in a very social and relaxed environment.

When you first arrive at the green there is a ritual of polishing bowls and relaxing before names are drawn from a hat to pick the players for each team. Two teams play on each rink and each team can consist of two, three, or four players, so there is always help available for new players wishing to hone their game.  Men and women play together, and younger players are reminded that exuberance and fitness often lose out to age and wisdom in a 2 ½ hour game.

Lawn bowling isn’t played with a ball; in fact, it’s an oval “bowl” that is weighted differently on each side, in order to throw a curve around other bowls that are obstructing the target ball (called a jack). The first player, called a lead (think curling), position their bowls strategically so that the second, third and skip can use or abuse their teammate’s bowls, to make additional points.

The only equipment required to begin playing this sport is an inexpensive pair of smooth soled shoes. The bowls, which come in different sizes and weights for women and men, are provided free for your first season.  A set of white attire is recommended if you are going to play in the Sunday afternoon matches (draws) and competitions, but street clothes are acceptable at other times.

After the games are finished and the equipment is packed away, coffee, tea, and cookies magically appear and it’s hard to believe that you are sitting in the middle of Dunbar in such a quiet and tranquil setting.

There are various men’s, women’s, and mixed games scheduled throughout the weekdays as well as evenings. Female bowlers plan their own inter club competition, host luncheons and interact with various other lawn bowling clubs around the city, playing at home and at other clubs though out the summer. This is a great way to get out and meet other people around the city who share the same interest.

In addition to lawn bowling, croquet is played at the Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club. Learning the basics to lawn bowl or play croquet is easy; mastering the intricacies and subtleties of each game takes study and practice.  Games can be joined for croquet or lawn bowls on a daily basis, and there are always members available to lend some assistance as your skills and tactics progress with each game.






Croquet is a little easier on the knees but still involves abundant walking and the mental game of American rules or Association can be as demanding as a chess match. The tolerance on the wickets is 3/16” and the rebar-sized hoops that are pounded into the ground are highly intolerant of small errors. Golf croquet is less mental and is more of a “be nice to me and maybe I’ll be nice to you” type of play; many consecutive nights of dinner clean up have been won and lost between spouses on the golf croquet green. Games can last 1-2 hours depending on the players and the game played. The club provides all of the equipment, and you can even get double mileage from your lawn bowling shoes.

There is nothing like a relaxing afternoon or evening spent on the green lawn bowling or playing croquet with friends, having a cup of tea and enjoying the solace that is uniquely associated with the Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club.

The season begins on Saturday May 5, with an open house on Saturday, May 11 between 10am – 2pm. This is an opportunity to visit the clubhouse, meet the members and try your hand at either lawn bowls or croquet.