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Tryphe Specialty Foods

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Tryphe_deli_Dunbar_Life_Palla_MediaFrom the moment I walked into Tryphe Specialty Foods, owner Jacqueline Cheung made me feel right at home. We sat down at a window seat table where I indulged in a 49th Parallel drip coffee and some tasty baked goods (apple cake, dark pumpkin chocolate brownie and lavender vanilla shortbread), while she shared her story.

What inspires her to run a small business? She says,

“It brings me joy to make people happy through the products I sell.”

I asked Cheung how she chose the name Tryphe (pronounced tri-fee) for her store that opened almost two years ago. In her search for a name she discovered this Greek word and felt it was a perfect fit as “delicacies” are at the heart of her fine food shop.

Tryphe_Cheung_Dunbar_Life_Palla_MediaAfter exploring various areas to situate her business she determined Dunbar was the most desirable neighbourhood (and the most beautiful too). The storefront was formerly a flower shop and underwent an extensive renovation. The earth tone colours are inviting, as are elegant touches such as chandeliers and décor ranging from friendly garden gnomes to pots of lavender.

With a marketing and business plan in place, an unexpected blessing came her way; she and her husband were overjoyed to discover they were expecting a baby. This also posed a challenge, to establish and run her new business while she was pregnant and afterwards as a new mother.

Now that her daughter is a toddler Cheung is coming up for air and dreaming even bigger dreams for Tryphe. She envisions offering soups and sandwiches for the lunch crowd. She is working on expanding the selection of pre-made take home meals. Cheung highly recommends Tryphe’s homemade lamb stew, curries and soups that are sold frozen. Take them home, heat them up and nobody has to know that you had a little help with dinner that night!

Cheung is excited to be serving Vancouver’s own 49th Parallel coffee, brewed individually for customers one cup at a time for optimum freshness.

A few of the gourmet pantry essentials that line the well stocked shelves include vinegar, honey, oil, salsa, spreads, mustard, dried pasta, grilling sauces, tea and hot chocolate. Many of the products are fair trade and gluten-free.

Tryphe is best known for its quality meat.

Cheung says Tryphe is best known for its quality meat. Customers come from across the Lower Mainland for the aged beef steaks, along with Australian lamb racks, pork chops, pork belly, duck breasts, all natural chicken products from the Fraser Valley, and naturally smoked bacon.

Ocean Wise seafood is also sold. In the display glass a sampling of what you will find includes wild fish (sockeye salmon, halibut, sablefish), shellfish (crab, sea urchin) and seasonal fish (wild sea bass, wild monkfish and lobster tails).

If you are unable to travel to Tryphe, Cheung is happy to provide a home delivery service to select areas for purchases over $50. Simply submit your order by phone, text or via WhatsApp and for a small delivery fee it will arrive at your doorstep.

Baked goods are a new addition to the store. A part-time baker comes in several times a week and customers have been giving two thumbs up to the lavender vanilla shortbread cookies, cheddar bay scones, rocky road cookies, and the Okanagan ambrosia apple cake.

For Cheung food is all about quality ingredients. She says that a healthy lifestyle includes eating less meat, while the meat you consume should be high quality. She suggests it is better for your health to eat less food in general but to deeply appreciate the food that you eat.

Tryphe_interior_Dunbar_Life_Palla_MediaCheung moved to Vancouver with her family from Hong Kong 20 years ago. The fresh air and beautiful scenery were the first things to get her attention. She also noticed that the people are friendly and she thought Vancouver would be a perfect city to raise a family.

Being a part of the Dunbar business community is very important to Cheung and she is very fond of all her loyal customers.

She feels independent businesses build strong communities by connecting neighbours, and through their contribution to the local economy. She says, “When shopping locally you also receive excellent customer service and advice directly from business owners.“

Tryphe_exterior_Dunbar_Life_Palla_MediaThis busy mother and entrepreneur can be found at Tryphe five days a week as she juggles childcare with her husband. She also has assistance from four part-time staff.

Away from the shop Cheung values her time with her husband and their little girl. They enjoy going for walks in the park and spending time at the playground, or sifting through antique stores in search of treasures. In addition, Cheung is an avid cook and just as she enjoys making people happy at Tryphe Specialty Foods, she also derives pleasure from cooking and entertaining at home.

Are you looking for a unique Christmas present? Gift certificates are always popular, or Cheung and her staff will be happy to assist in building a gift basket. You are also welcome to design your own basket. Stock it with kitchen essentials and you are bound to make a chef very happy on Christmas morning.

Tryphe Specialty Foods
4495 Dunbar Street
Vancouver BC V6S 2G4
Telephone 604-879-7439

Sher’s Stationery 2000

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Sher's Stationery 2000 Exterior Dunbar Life Palla MediaTwo years ago Salim and Sher Jamal purchased Stationery 2000 from a friend who was retiring. While the Jamals did not have retail experience it seemed like an interesting prospect to try something radically different from their previous careers (Sher Jamal had worked with the airlines and Salim Jamal is an engineer).

To personalize the business they added “Sher’s” to the company’s name and commenced their new occupation as merchants. While it may appear on the surface that the couple and their staff run the shop, they are quick to give plenty of credit to their five grown children who all participate in the development and planning of the business. They also assist with product displays and attend gift shows with their parents. All of their children are remarkably successful in their own right with assorted university degrees and careers.

Salim Jamal reports that the business could just as easily be called The Village Store and Post Office. This is how many clients refer to the shop, which he compares to a general store. Here you will find medium to high end products. He says, “There is a bit of everything for everyone of every age.”

The business could just as easily be called The Village Store and Post Office.

Sher's Stationery 2000 post office Dunbar Life Palla MediaThe shop is located across the street from IGA on West 41st Avenue. From the exterior there is no way of knowing just how large the interior is, and indeed how many products are contained within the space. The store also contains a Canada Post outlet.
Postal services include post office boxes, stamps and shipping, address changes, mail holds, student loans, passport forms and photographs. They also provide boxes, tape, packaging materials, gift-wrap and bags. Business services include photocopying, printing, scanning, fax, lamination and banner printing services.

They recently introduced the five-minute passport photograph service that has been increasing steadily in popularity. Citizenship and visa photographs are also available.

Do you like shopping from the Sears Wish Book? Sher’s Stationery 2000 is a pickup point for deliveries, which Dunbar seniors in particular really appreciate. They are also pleased to assist senior customers to access and navigate the internet.

The store’s products range from stationery to regular and seasonal gift items, children’s toys, puzzles, arts and crafts, home hardware, kitchen essentials, leather belts and purses, fashion jewellery and select ladies wear.

For the upcoming holiday season the Jamals are introducing a number of new products. They are excited to be selling hand crafted and hand painted purses and handbags, dress ponchos, pashminas, design throws, ceramic and natural shell lamps, Canadian made pillowcase paint kits, puzzles and plenty of stocking stuffers.

Sher Jamal is the buyer for the shop while Salim Jamal is the purchaser for the post office. They alternate seamlessly between the two divisions of the shop while their employee Maria Menor handles the front counter as well as the Sears desk.
The business is known for its fast, friendly and personal service. The atmosphere is akin to a community-meeting place where the owners know many of their loyal customers, and clients often run into other neighbours.

The business is known for its fast, friendly and personal service.

They strive to source products that are difficult to find locally, while seeking good quality merchandise at competitive prices. The Jamals are very receptive to customer feedback and are eager to continue to add additional products that clients are seeking.

December is the only time of the year the business is open seven days a week. Generally Sunday is a day off and the Jamals savour this day to catch up with their family over an extended breakfast as three of their five children remain living at home. The couple loves to cook. Salim Jamal uses his free time to tend to the garden and house while Sher Jamal belongs to a choir and enjoys oil painting.

Last year Salim Jamal was a block captain for the Dunbar Village Business Association (DVBA). In this capacity he visited and distributed information to businesses in his block. This year he was appointed to the board of directors. His role as DVBA treasurer includes budgeting and ensuring that funds are allocated properly as directed by the board.

Sher's Stationery 2000 Salim & Sher Dunbar Life Palla MediaThe Jamals believe in shopping locally because it keeps the jobs within the community. They feel it helps small businesses thrive and retains the character of the community. Small independents can respond much faster than big box stores through personal service, which helps to create a feeling of family and community. Shopping within your neighbourhood also helps to get people out of their cars and walking about.

This holiday season take the challenge and see if you can do the bulk of your shopping by foot in the Dunbar area. At Sher’s Stationery 2000 you can also do double duty – shop and mail your Christmas parcels at the same time!

Sher’s Stationery 2000
3552 W. 41st Avenue
Vancouver BC V6N 3E6
Telephone 604-261-2001