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Champion of Dunbar Village

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Dunbar Residents’ Association

The Dunbar Residents’ Association (DRA) definitely fits the bill as a Champion of Dunbar Village; it plays an instrumental role in making Dunbar a better place to live. The association promotes community spirit, informs residents about important issues that have an impact on the neighbourhood, and works tirelessly to make sure Dunbar residents’ views are heard at City Hall.

The community can thank a much-needed stop sign for being the catalyst to form the highly valued DRA.

In 1989 a group of neighbours successfully petitioned for the installation of a stop sign at the corner of Crown Street and West 27th Avenue. The group was not active again until 1991 when a developer proposed to build a disproportionately higher density develop-ment in central Dunbar’s business district. It was another victory for the community, thanks to the DRA, after discussions with the developer the project was dropped. Rather than disband, the group decided to carry on as a registered non-profit society and officially became the DRA.

The organization’s mandate is to facilitate meetings regarding proposed changes to the Dunbar neighbourhood. They build community by printing a newsletter with a circulation of 6,000 copies three times a year, which is delivered to every household with the dedicated assistance of 250 volunteers.

Dunbar Residents Association Sonia Wicken Colleen McGuinnessSonia Wicken has been involved with the DRA’s board since the beginning. She is currently the board’s treasurer. “It is a way to give back to this wonderful community that is home,” Sonia says.

DRA’s president of the board, Colleen McGuinness says, “As an association we speak on behalf of the neighbourhood.” She points out there are many accomplishments to be proud of during the DRA’s 25-year history. She has been involved for 10 years and is in her second term as president. She mentions, “A two year term provides continuity and allows new people to step up and contribute to the board.”

Part of their work involves advocacy at City Hall. They utilize the expertise of their members to act as spokespeople. She points to board members Bill Rapanos (a retired planner) and Jonathan Weisman (a lawyer) as two examples of instrumental DRA advocates.

With a small budget and no paid staff, Colleen admits it is hard to manage new technologies such as the website that they are in the midst of redesigning. The association appreciates the work of two students from Lord Byng Secondary who manage the DRA’s interactive email list for communication amongst Dunbar neighbours.

DRA played a role in initiating the Dunbar Community Patrol, DEEP (Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness) and Salmonberry Days.

Every month, considerable effort is made to schedule the Dunbar Community Patrol, run entirely by volunteers to increase neighbourhood safety. Patrol assignments are based on the city’s crime statistics with the goal of ensuring coverage throughout Dunbar with an emphasis on higher crime areas.

DEEP emerged out of a presentation Village Vancouver Transition Society (VV) made to the DRA in 2011. At this meeting, enthusiasm ignited and key DRA members including Susan Chapman, Jane Ingman Baker and Walter Wells formed a steering committee to join forces with Ann Pacey of VV to form DEEP. This active team of Dunbar citizens has been talking about and preparing for a full-scale earthquake, to ensure Dunbar residents are able to take care of themselves and each other should such a disaster occur.

Synonymous with May in Dunbar is Salmonberry Days, a unique month long environmental festival to build awareness of Dunbar’s natural surroundings. The DRA created this event in partnership with the Dunbar Community Centre Association and the business association that was active at that time.

Each year Salmonberry Days chooses a theme and fills the entire month with walks, talks and a bus tour.

As an example, Colleen describes how 60 people will magically appear to go on a guided walking tour of the neighbourhood to learn about the fascinating history of Dunbar’s early architecture and the original property owners.

This year the Salmonberry Days planning committee has selected anniversaries as the theme, to tie in with the festival’s 20th anniversary, the 25th anniversary of the DRA, and Canada’s 150th birthday celebration. Nature, the environment, history, gardening and community will be in the spotlight.

The culminating event is the annual Dunbar Community Centre Associations’ Salmon-berry Days Fair on May 28 at Memorial Park. The DRA is looking at new funding sources for Salmonberry Days. Colleen says, “Happily, this year we have found an anonymous fairy godmother.”

B.C.’s May 9 provincial election is just around the corner. The DRA always organizes a candidates’ debate and this year, working in cooperation with the Dunbar Community Centre Association, it will be held on April 28 at Dunbar Community Centre. “We always get an excellent turn out. Dunbar is a politically savvy community,” Colleen says.

Colleen explains why she offers her time, and her response likely represents many DRA volunteers’ motives. She says, “Dunbar is my community. I want to live in a viable, safe and engaged neighbourhood and this is how I can do my part.”

As for the future of the DRA, Sonia concludes, “The organization is still very important and relevant as the city and its neighborhoods are rapidly changing.”

Thank you to each DRA champion who has offered his or her time over the past 25 years to help make Dunbar a special place to call home. Here’s to the next 25 years!

Membership in the DRA is $20/household/year ($10 if a household member is 65 or over) and runs from October to September. Monthly DRA meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month at the Dunbar Community Centre. Visit the DRA’s website for the schedule at

Tamara Speiran

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Champion of Dunbar Village

Tamara Speiran Dunbar Life Palla MediaIn December 2011 Dunbar Apartments opened its doors. Operated by Coast Mental Health, this supported housing program provides affordable housing for 51 residents to engage in recovery while gaining life skills and independence, which assists them towards self-sufficient living when they feel ready to take the next step.

Coast Mental Health advocates, supports and promotes recovery of persons with mental illness to nearly 1,200 residents and operates more than 30 housing developments throughout the Lower Mainland in partnership with the federal and provincial governments and other funding partners. Coast Mental Health workers (with exemplary level standing by Accreditation Canada) provide support to residents.

The client dynamics derive from varying referral sources which include Mental Health Housing (VCH), BC Housing, Jewish Family Service Agency and St. Georges Place Society which include services specifically tailored to clients with mental health, co-occurring issues, physical health and mobility issues or at risk of or currently homeless.

Tamara is the manager of Dunbar Apartments and has held this position since March 2014. She is employed by Coast Mental Health and has been with the organization for 15 years.

She reports, “It is extremely rewarding to play a role in helping people engage in recovery, be empowered and gain confidence to make informed decisions and take control of their lives as they see fit.”

Speiran and a team of seven mental health workers, a cook and building operator are employed round the clock. While staff support them, residents are expected to be self-sufficient.

Dunbar Apartments offers a cooperative and stigma-free environment with a strong sense of community and mutual support. Residents receive supper daily. Breakfast is provided three times per week through private donations. They live in private self-contained suites and are offered subsidized rent in a secure building.

Clayton Ablett, branch manager of Dunbar’s Vancity branch has glowing feed-back about the housing complex.

“Our partnership with Dunbar Apartments and in particular with Tamara Speiran, who has welcomed us with open arms, has been an extremely rewarding experience for all of us. Her dedication to her work is undeniable and a driving force for us to work more closely with her and the residents. She has been instrumental in helping her community overcome barriers and stigmas with mental health while staying agile and adaptable in her daily work.”

Vancity has been extremely supportive of the housing program. Speiran points out the credit union has made donations to Dunbar Apartments. They have also run financial literacy programs providing information about taxes, credits and money management. Following this program residents receive a certificate of completion. In addition, Vancity offers space at the credit union seasonally for residents to sell beautiful artwork and crafts including birdhouses and fresh wreaths.

Ablett explains, “A core aspect of who we are at Vancity is our ability to meet people where they are and to engage in meaningful conversations with them. Our aligned goals and values with Dunbar Apartments have played a crucial role in our successful collaboration. By joining forces, we aim to bring people together and build healthy communities.”

The average length of residence is 1.8 years, which Speiran reports is a remarkable success rate.

Some leave for health complexity reasons, a few for behavioural issues and the majority elect to leave feeling empowered and ready to take the next step toward independent living. Coast Mental Health helps them prepare and connects them with subsidized housing through organizations such as BC Housing and other non-profits.

Part of the success of this type of housing is resident involvement. The residents at Dunbar Apartments support and understand one another, resulting in community spirit. They value their home and have input via a suggestion box and tenant meetings facilitated by Speiran. The lack of pressure to move until residents feel prepared is also of great benefit.

The residents of Dunbar Apartments feel extremely grateful to have their home located in such a beautiful and central location. Many residents have become friends with local merchants. They enjoy the local shops, easy access to bus routes and the proximity to nature including Camosun bog and trails in Pacific Spirit Regional Park and nearby beaches.

Speiran says the most satisfying part of her job is to see the evidence of success with people engaged in their recovery and gain greater independence. She says with pride, “If they want to be an astronaut we support those dreams.”

Coast Dunbar Apartments
3595 W 17th Avenue
Vancouver BC V6S 0B2
Telephone 604-731-7725