I would like to send my personal thanks to you and your company for your continuous supoort to our volunteer's endeavors.  We have so much appreciated the awareness and profile raised through our ads in the Dunbar Life and Kerrisdale Insider.
~ Pat Gillis, BC Children's Hospital  (Nov 30, 2012)

You also have to know that I enjoy working with you.  I find you to be very business minded, very honest and down to earth. Look forward to working with you. ~ Alli, Sweet Lul's Costume Co.


I have to say that I have dealt with Vancouver Courier for the last seven years--four different representatives, changes of publishing dates and other frustrations, and I am much happier dealing with you. Your level of professionalism of you and the publication, the friendliness of your website and the timing of Dunbar Life issues works well for us. It's a pleasure, thank you.   
~ Maureen (Nov 28, 2012)